Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Update! New Craftables!

     Way back in December (one of my first posts) the first wave of craftable tapestries made their way to the spiral, in May I started covering teleport tapestries that took you to all of the different schools and now a new wave of tapestries is spreading throughout the spiral, you can find them in Wizard city with Eudora Tangletree (going to the dye shop, castle tours, Crab Alley and hatchery), Dragonspyre with Balthazar Dragonthorn
(Dragonspyre Academy), Grizzleheim with Taraold Wayfinder (Vestrilund), Celestia with Gearwise (Crustacean Empire), Zafaria with Koyate Ghostmane (Drum Jungle), Azteca with Cantares Five Flowers (Floating Mountains) and Khrysalis with Zellozosia the Homeglider.
     Tarold Wayfinder in Grizzleheim also has new transmute recipes for us! Now we can transmute almost all of the new metals! Which is good since Rose Piper (in the red B.O.X.E.S.) has new housing recipes for us! Now we can craft some of the furniture that is featured in the boxes! Make sure to load up on sonic springs!

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