Sunday, December 31, 2017

Empyrean Housing - Part 2 - Crafting With Savvy

     Hi everyone! We're going to finish up the Empyrea housing today with the second half from Loligo, which are no easier than last time.
     Chain Reel - 74000g
     This had to be the most challenging recipe so far. Not only is it super expensive but you will need 50 Platinum, 50 Flying Squid Ink, 100 Aethyr Ore, 120 Copper, 120 Nickel, 200 Mist Wood and 25 Flawless Onyx, I guess this would be one way to make some room in your reagent cabinet!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hunting for Aether, Golden Pearl, and Shell Reagents

     *Whines* This week is HARD! I was hoping to track down some critters that drop this week's reagents AND drops Christmas stuff but yeah that so not going to happen. Mostly I found some critters in Mirage that drop Christmas seeds all year long. Is anyone THAT dedicated to farming to pick a fight in Mirage? MooShu or Marlybone maybe.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Aether, Aquamarine, Golden Pearl, and Shell: Gardening for Reagents

     Last week we learned that Aether, Golden Pearl, and Shell are on our grocery list for the Celestia Clothing Recipes. We'll also need Aquamarine for the gear that is found in Sudrilund, Grizzleheim. When Dezzy asked me for a gardening recommendation, I had answered off the top of my head with King Parsley. I was pretty close! King Parsley will get you Aether and Aquamarine in nice amounts. However, upon closer inspection, Maelstrom Snap Dragons will net you all four ingredients that we are searching for in the upcoming months. PLUS you can get mega snacks from Maelstrom Snap Dragons when they elder! That's always a plus! :) Also, you can harvest all but the shells from both Deadly Helephant Ears and Evil Magma Peas.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Life Wizard's Celestia & Grizzleheim Crafted Clothing

     When you get to level 50ish, things sure do get interesting. You have the Celestia gear at level 55 and the Grizzleheim gear at level 56. Which is better Celestia or Grizzleheim? I really think that Celestia gear is seriously underrated. A lot of wizards don't bother crafting the Celestia gear and just jump right to their Sudrilund Set. It is hard to beat the item cards that you get from the Grizzleheim clothing but if you do often use your secondary school spells, don't rule out the Celestia Gear.