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Life Wizard's Celestia & Grizzleheim Crafted Clothing

     When you get to level 50ish, things sure do get interesting. You have the Celestia gear at level 55 and the Grizzleheim gear at level 56. Which is better Celestia or Grizzleheim? I really think that Celestia gear is seriously underrated. A lot of wizards don't bother crafting the Celestia gear and just jump right to their Sudrilund Set. It is hard to beat the item cards that you get from the Grizzleheim clothing but if you do often use your secondary school spells, don't rule out the Celestia Gear.

     I'll be honest, I wasn't always into crafting clothing. Hadn't really thought much about it. When I was around level 60+ I heard about the One in a Million Badge and was like "Oh, that's cool! I'm gonna get me one!" I started hunting for all the blades that I could find. Spells, treasure cards, pet cards ... oh hey, a crafted hat that gives an item blade. 'Twas the Sudrilund gear that really got me interested in crafting - though sadly there is no equivalent for higher wizards. No crafted clothing at all in Polaris and Mirage, which is disappointing.

     I had a hard time trying to figure out how to set this up to compare the different sets. I think I'm going to start off backwards since Carax Strongthread only has one clothing set for Life wizards. You will find Carax in Sudrilund, directly across from where you first enter the area from Hrundle Fjord. Careful though, there's a mob to run around first, and he's standing on a platform on the other side of them.

Sudrilund Life Set

Gives 1 Lifeblade Item Card.
Gives 1 Life Trap Item Card.
Gives 1 Sanctuary Item Card.

     In a nutshell, this clothing set provides you with extra power pip chance, global resistance, and incoming life heal. Also, the ever popular item cards. I swear I wore my Sudrilund helmet hair right up to Khrysalis, that extra blade is hard to let go of. This set doesn't give any accuracy boosts, or any consideration to your secondary schools, that can be a deal breaker for many wizards. You can always mix and match too: Grizz hat, Celestia robe, or whatever. But there are just WAY too many options for me to be able to compare those for you. Besides, you know what works best for you, some wizards prefer extra resistance while others are all about damage boosts. You can have many options if you carry both sets of crafted clothing.

     The ingredients for this set of clothing isn't too terribly horrible. Aquamarine might be the hardest reagent for you to come by, but Terri tells me that if you start growing a plot of Deadly Helephant Ears or King Parsley when you turn 50, you should have plenty of Aquamarine by the time you run into Carax and buy your recipes. Don't forget, this needs to be crafted on the Crafting Anvil located within Northguard, Grizzleheim. OK, OK, I'm gonna shup now so we can head onward to the Celestia gear.

** Dezzy runs around like mad, directing Manny and Mandy into their Celestia clothing. **

     Celestia is the very first world where everyone visits the same recipe vendors. Instead of having separate vendors based on school, here in Celestia you will find only 3 vendors. Hamish Willoughby will be the first vendor that you run into when you get to The Grotto. He's fairly easy to find since he is in a cage and isn't likely to wander off. He has a collection of various hat recipes. Once you progress to Stormriven you will run into Enid Crowe. She can bestow boot recipes upon you. Eventually, you will make your way to the Science Center and Humphrey Thatcher, the vendor that sells robe recipes.

Warning from Dezzy:

     To make all 3 items in the Celestia outfits, you are going to need to collect 10 Centaur treasure cards. It seems to be the norm to expect that you will need a fair amount of aether, golden pearls, and shells for all of the clothing sets here in Celestia. The remainder of the ingredients are simple to come by for the amounts required. Just click on the set title to view the full list of ingredients needed to make the entire set: the hat, robe, and boots.

Set of Natural Law

     Ok, I know that pic is really kinda tiny, but you CAN click on it to make it bigger. This was the best way I could figger out how to compare them side by side easily :-D

     Celestia is the first world where wizards can craft gear that gives more properties than just damage, accuracy, and health boosts. The clothing from Carax in Sudrilund will provide 39 more health, 9% less damage, an extra 5 points towards critical rating, 18 extra global critical blocking - but not the extra 67 blocking specific to life spells that this set gives. Which is better? It is really quite a close call on the properties that they share.

Everlasting Thunder Set

     Personally, I think I would go with Celestia clothing with Life/Storm school combination. If you are a Life wizard that has chosen Storm as your secondary, most likely it is because Life wizards are not the greatest hitters - at least not until they get a bit bigger. So I would want the clothing that is going to boost my storm hits as much as possible.

Soulsearing Set

     Yes! This outfit really is ugly enough to show up twice. Actually, the clothes themselves are quite sharp but that hat ...*SMH* I have a theory that it is a conspiracy between Eloise Merryweather and the wig makers of the spiral, giving us ugly hats to make sure that we buy wigs and have them stitched. Anyhow, Life/Fire wizards might also want to favor the Celestia clothing. My thinking, again, is the fact that Fire spells make for very powerful hits and you are probably going to want to capitalize on damage boosts for them.

Set of Pure Ice

     This is another pair of outfits where it is really going to depend on your personal preferences. Surprisingly having Ice as your secondary doesn't give any extra blocking than the other Celestia outfits receive. A lot of times, even as a secondary, Ice gets extra block, resistance and health. Since that is not the case here, both sets are really quite good and I would be hard pressed to choose one over the other.

Spirited Set of Chaos

     Life/Death combination really seems to fit well together and again it would be tough to choose one set of clothing over the other. I think I would stitch the Grizzleheim helmet and wear it with the space alien robe and boots. You'll have to forgive me, but I really kind of like that look.

Set of Living Legend

     The fashion statement of this Celestia outfit is very intriguing as well. I mean, seriously, we've definitely seen much worse. I'm starting to feel kind of wishy washy since I just don't have any preference over outfits. This combination is even my chosen schools - although backwards. As far as life wizards go, you're probably either a healer or you have chosen your secondary schools to help give a little edge to Life's fire power and neither of these outfits really help with the entire healer thing. But on second thought, additional critical boost to your life spells would also mean your heals as well. Critical heals are just awesome - and life saving sometimes.

     Please keep in mind that the numbers above reflect the properties given when the entire set is worn together. I have provided a link to the Dezzy's Closet page of our website that gives the clothing recipe and info for the sets, and the names of the individual items that make up the sets - just click on the set title. These pages are not yet available through our site but I have given exclusive early access to our blog readers!

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