Sunday, November 26, 2017

Empyrean Housing - Part 1 - Crafting With Savvy

     Greetings and welcome to Empyrea! There are only a few items so I thought it would be nice to stray from our normal crafting to adventure in the new world. First off, these recipes are not for the faint of heart, none of these recipes are easy. The vendor is named Loligo, you can find him in Aerial Shore, Empyrea and he requires you to be a Visionary Crafter.
     Small Shroom - 20000g
     While this mushroom could look really cool laying around your yard you will need 75 Deep Mushroom, 10 Flying Squid Ink, 15 Aethyr Dust, 5 Cobalt, 25 Black Coal and 10 Mist Wood for each one. I suppose this one isn't all that bad for most but I for one am low on mushrooms from other crafting projects (to be revealed soon).
     Fire Dwarf Box - 45000g
     The dark wood crate got upgraded? Oooooh, fancy! This red painted box will cost you 200 Stone Block, 30 Flying Squid Ink, 60 Aethyr Dust, 35 Fire Blossom, 20 Glass Vial, 100 Mist Wood, and 10 Flawless Ruby for each one. I've seen some interesting things done with crates, I wonder if these are going to reach new heights.
     Raider Banner - 8000g
     This banner is pretty cool, it reminds me a lot of our teleport tapestries. Too bad those aren't on a post so they don't have to be on a wall. This requires 25 Sunstone, 35 Flying Squid Ink, 65 Aethyr Dust, 50 Braided Vine, 9 Spider Silk, 100 Mist Wood, and 25 Flawless Opal.
     Raider Throne - 45000g
     Yet another throne, how many do we need? I mean come on, they aren't even that comfortable! You will need 25 Sunstone, 35 Flying Squid Ink, 20 Aethyr Ore, 50 Stone Block, 9 Pristine Vial, 100 Mist Wood and 25 Flawless Opal to make this over sized chair. that a cushion? *sits* Hmm....that is pretty comfy....
     Beastman Chair - 45000g
     This chair doesn't look to be as bottom friendly as the throne but at least it looks cool. I wish it was easier to craft, I'd make some to put in my life house and Treetop Geteway but 20 Kelp, 20 Flying Squid Ink, 20 Aether Dust, 20 Leather Straps, 20 Agave Leaves and 20 Mist Wood is a little steep for me right now. Maybe I'll be able to at a later time.
     That's all for this post, we'll finish up next time with the last five items. Until then, happy collecting!
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