Sunday, July 16, 2017

Seraph - Hunting for Treasure Cards

     Helloooo! I know, I know, I missed posting last week. I been busy, I swear! Alric and I have been busting our humps trying to track down all the creatures that you can collect animus from. We almost had them all when Monstrologist Burke added Treants, Pigs, and Gobblers into the mix! As it is, we are currently at 475 of the critters and Alric and I are currently in Crimson Fields, MooShu collecting several more to add to that.

     Dezzy will throttle me if I don't post something today so I mainly just have a couple of quick lists for you. Seraphs are actually quite rare. Mainly you will only find it dropped in Barkingham Palace, The Spiral Cup Gauntlet - Tiers 4 & 5, and only a handful of other bosses throughout the Spiral. Sadly, I only currently have 6 critters in my knowledge banks. I so coulda had all 18 if I hadn't flaked on this post. Dezzy gonna sic Lexi, her pet Humomgofrog on me! I'll try to talk Esmee into helping and with luck there might be more than 6 on the list when you look at it.

     Any how, personally I would prolly start with Noxious Gas Golem (hehe I'm SORRY but he just cracks me up! I mean think about it!) in Barkingham Palace, Marleybone; Othin Stormfather in Ravenscar, Grizzleheim; Jade Oni in Jade Palace and Oakheart in Village of Sorrow - both of those are found in MooShu. All of those bosses drop Seraph TC and pets, AND you can collect Treant animus from Oakheart.

     Ohhh I gotta fly! Alric is calling for help! Good luck getting your Seraph cards and crafting the Life Dragonspyre Clothing!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Seraph - Gardening for Treasure Cards

Angel Oaks in Terri's Garden

     Okie dokie Life wizards, Dezzy said you might need some help finding Seraph cards. I have got a really nice plant for you. The Angel Oak is the only plant that you can harvest Seraph TC from. But never fear, it is fairly easy to take care of since it doesn't attract any pests higher than rank 2.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Life Wizard's Guide to Dragonspyre Crafted Clothing

     Welcome to Dragonspyre clothing, Life Wizards. Stop and see Egon Dreadfaust just as soon as you have access to the Forum. If you have a friend that you can port to there, even better. He doesn't usually wander very far from the Teleport hub, I couldn't even tempt him to come and visit us today.