Sunday, July 9, 2017

Seraph - Gardening for Treasure Cards

Angel Oaks in Terri's Garden

     Okie dokie Life wizards, Dezzy said you might need some help finding Seraph cards. I have got a really nice plant for you. The Angel Oak is the only plant that you can harvest Seraph TC from. But never fear, it is fairly easy to take care of since it doesn't attract any pests higher than rank 2.

     Supposedly, you can grow these as a rank 2 gardener, BUT this seed requires a large enchanted plot. You need to be at least a rank 6 gardener to purchase that spell from either Marley, in MooShu, or Harley, in Celestia. Now that we can place houses in the shared bank, you might be able to work around that if you are really determined to grow Angel Oaks as a smaller wizard.

     Angel Oaks only take 15 days from planting to elder, and that is without any of the stuff that it likes. I'm still getting a baseline for plants without any likes or dislikes. Having objects that your plant likes makes sense if you are mainly interested in that Elder Harvest, like with Couch Potatoes. Angel Oaks will give Seraph cards at any harvest so you might actually want to plant some Stinkweed with it to get a couple extra harvests out of your crop.

     I got 22 Seraph cards when I grew 10 plants! You should easily get the 24 Seraphs that you need for your Dragonspyre clothing in no time! You won't get any mega snacks from this plant, but it does give rank 4 snacks that Leaf Foot pets can't help but love. I've heard rumors that it also gives Arrow Root snacks, but I never got any from it.

     Angel Oaks will always give your seed back at elder - unless your backpack and bank are both full! Careful, I did that once with Boiled Peanuts lol. Took me a while to get my hands on another seed to replace the one that I lost. Big OOPS!

     You say you need Angel Oak seeds? They can't be bought from a vendor or in the Bazaar, but Hunter has a list of 53 creatures that just might drop one if you shake them hard enough ;)

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