Sunday, July 30, 2017

Celestial Housing Introduction - Crafting With Savvy

     I love all of the "Atlantian" Celestial stuff, the colors, the futuristic look, everything, it has to be my favorite theme! But the Floating Land/Water-mole stuff is cool also (create your very own island resort to rest your tired feet and relax until the Spiral needs you again), and then there are the Marleybone items and the underwater items . Being that the themes are so different I'm going to do this world's craftable housing in four sections. I'm going to start with the items that look amazing in the Celestial Observatory and then tackle the rest after.
     Most of these recipes can be found with Gearwise in Celestia's Base Camp, they range in price from just over 2000 to over 10000 gold and need a wide range of ingredients. Shells, kelp and pearls are featured a lot so you might want to stock up. Two are from Zellozosia the Homeglider in Khrysalis, cost a whopping 45000 gold each and need more serious reagents like astral shard and comet tail.
     It's going to take a total of seven posts to cover all of the items, the first three on items that follow the Celestial Observatory's theme and the last four being items that will fit in at the Island Getaway and Sunken Castle.
     I'll be starting with the Celestian Wishing Well, Warrior Statue, Vase and Magician statue next post, I can't wait to see you there!

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