Sunday, February 22, 2015

Floating Gardens - Gardening for Reagents Part 2

     Have you ever visited someone's home and run across a floating garden? You can actually float gardening plots and then plant on them which enables you to plant the equivolent of two or three large areas of plants in only one area - using only one gardening spell to care for all the layers.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Crafting with Savvy - Intro

As you may be able to guess by Savvy’s Attic holding the housing items, I love to decorate. Starting with an empty property and filling it with all sorts of things until it looks perfect, looks as though you actually live there instead of it just being storage, adding personality. The Spiral only offers so many styles of houses, so a lot of people end up having the same type. However if you've ever visited the different castles posted with Myrella Windspar you may have noticed that it all depends on what you decorate your house with that makes it home. In this series I’m going to point out some of the many wonderful housing items that you can craft so that you may also know the joy and sense of accomplishment of a fully decorated house.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

King Parsley - Gardening for Reagents Part 1

     Gardening and crafting can go hand in hand as many reagents can be easily harvested from plants every day, or even several times a day depending on the plant. Today I will discuss one of my favorite plants that I grow primarily for reagents.

King Parsley

     One word: Amber. I know rumor has it that Professor Greyrose has let slip that the White Tiger Lily is THE best gardening source for amber. While it MAY be true that you have a better probability of amber drops with the White Tiger Lily, I have found that what this plant does not drop is more seeds. Sometimes you can find them in the bazaar, sometimes you can actually get them dropped from boss fights, but for me personally I would rather grow King Parsley. Especially when you figure in the fact that White Tiger Lily can have explosive gnats (rank 4 pests) which takes way too much of my energy to combat. On the other hand, King Parsley plants only get ghoulish wisps at the worst. 15 energy for a pest zapper and I'm pest free for 48 hours!