Sunday, December 31, 2017

Empyrean Housing - Part 2 - Crafting With Savvy

     Hi everyone! We're going to finish up the Empyrea housing today with the second half from Loligo, which are no easier than last time.
     Chain Reel - 74000g
     This had to be the most challenging recipe so far. Not only is it super expensive but you will need 50 Platinum, 50 Flying Squid Ink, 100 Aethyr Ore, 120 Copper, 120 Nickel, 200 Mist Wood and 25 Flawless Onyx, I guess this would be one way to make some room in your reagent cabinet!
     Ice Dwarf Box - 45000g
     Oh look, you can get it painted blue too! For only 200 Stone Block, 30 Flying Squid Ink, 60 Aethyr Dust, 35 Aquamarine, 20 Glass Vial, 100 Mist Wood, and 10 Flawless Sapphire you can have your very own!
     Raider Table - 10000g
     A simple dining table.....for 25 Sunstone, 35 Flying Squid Ink, 65 Aethyr Dust, 50 Acorn, 9 Black Coal, 100 Mist Wood and 25 Flawless Opal.
     Barrel with Cork - 12000g
     This was the only thing I could craft from start and is the easiest, closest to what we're used to seeing for a recipe. You'll need 10 Red Mandrake, 5 Flying Squid Ink, 7 Aethyr Dust, 2 Silver, 1 Glass Vial and 10 Mist Wood.
     Beastman Seat - 1800g
     This little chair is pretty cool, I can defintly see it in the life house or Treetop Getaway too bad you'll need 20 Kelp, 20 Flying Squid Ink, 20 Aether Dust, 20 Leather Straps, 20 Agave Leaves and 20 Mist Wood for each one, eighty of each if you want a set of four!
     When I first saw triple digits I thought it was a mistake, until I looked at the rest of the recipes. All I can say is, good luck everyone.
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