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Myth Wizard's Grizzleheim & Celestia Crafted Clothing

     Dang, that's a whole lot of yellow in the picture above. Where are my sunglasses? Again, I'm going to start backwards since it seemed to work out well last time. Carax Stringthread can be found loitering in Sudrilund, directly across from where you first enter the area from Hrundle Fjord. Careful though, there's a mob to run around first, and he's standing on a platform on the other side of them.

     This is the outfit that began my love of crafting - and my hatred of hats. Even dyed hot pink with the rest of this outfit, it wasn't long before I stitched this hat from Carax. Why a raven gives us a hat with horns on it, is beyond me.

     Myth wizards are going to need both Minotaur and Earthquake Treasure cards - a total of 4 of each. Main reagents to watch out for are the 47 Frost Flower and 21 Springs that you'll need to craft all 3 items of this set. You can click on any of the set titles below to see the full list of ingredients required.

Sudrilund Myth Set

Gives 1 Mythblade Item Card.
Gives 1 Myth Trap Item Card.
Gives 1 Time of Legend Item Card.

     This clothing set provides you with extra global resistance, and incoming life heal. This is one of THE most amazing sets of clothing that you can craft in The Spiral, especially if you don't rely on your secondary school for additional hit spells.

     Remember, this needs to be crafted on the Crafting Anvil located within Northguard, Grizzleheim, I always manage to forget that when I go to craft this gear for one of my room mates.

Celestia Clothing

     If you caught my last article, this will be a tad bit repetitive. But it needs to be said for those who are just joining us, because instead of having separate vendors based on school, here in Celestia you will find only 3 vendors. Hamish Willoughby will be the first vendor that you run into when you get to The Grotto. He's fairly easy to find since he is in a cage and isn't likely to wander off. He has a collection of various hat recipes. Once you progress to Stormriven you will run into Enid Crowe. She can bestow boot recipes upon you. Eventually, you will make your way to the Science Center and Humphrey Thatcher, the vendor that sells robe recipes.

Warning from Dezzy:

     To make all 3 items in the Celestia outfits, you are going to need to collect 13 - 18 Minotaur Treasure Cards, depending on which outfit you intend to make. It seems to be the norm to expect that you will need a fair amount of Kelp, Aquamarine, and Nightshade for all of the clothing sets here in Celestia. The remainder of the ingredients are simple to come by for the amounts required. Just click on the set title to view the full list of ingredients needed to make the entire set: the hat, robe, and boots.

Fantastic Set of Equity

     Welcome to Celestia where crafted gear is about more properties than just damage, accuracy, and health boosts. The clothing from Carax in Sudrilund will provide a bit more health, Myth damage, Myth critical rating, and 8 extra global critical blocking - but not the extra blocking specific to Myth and Balance spells that this set gives. Which is better? It is really quite a close call on the properties that they share. It pretty much depends on whether or not you could use the extra Balance Critical Rating for hits, or have a more passive approach to your secondary school.

Fabled Set of Bane

     Personally, I think I would go with Celestia clothing with Myth/Death school combination. If you have chosen Death as your secondary, most likely it is because of the Steal Health aspect of Death spells. So I would want the clothing that is going to boost my Death hits as much as possible with additional damage and Critical Rating boosts, which essentially gives a higher heal afterwards. Not to mention that it is always awesome to block Death Crit, means they not only hit you for less but get a smaller heal as well.

Illusive Flame Set

     Myth/Fire wizards might also want to favor the Celestia clothing. Fire spells make for very powerful hits and you are probably going to want to capitalize on the fact that this outfit gives a whopping 110 Critical Rating for Fire spells, not to mention a decent damage boost. However, this outfit is going to need a total of 20 Aether in addition to those reagents mentioned in my warning above.

Epic Ice Set

     This is another pair of outfits where it is really going to depend on your personal preferences. Surprisingly having Ice as your secondary doesn't give any extra blocking than the other Celestia outfits receive. A lot of times, even as a secondary, Ice gets extra block, resistance and health. Since that is not the case here, both sets are really quite good and I would be hard pressed to choose one over the other. Fair warning, the robe in this outfit is going to require 4 Sunstone!

Legendary Life Set

     Myth/Life is the combination that I've primarily chosen for my spells. Looking at the outfit compared to others, it isn't surprising that I did favor my Sudrilund set as much as I did. Even though I do use my Life hits regularly, this outfit really doesn't give much of a boost for Life spells. I would definately stitch the Grizz hat, take a trip to the dye shop with my Grizzleheim robe cuz that's a LOT of yellow, and craft the Celestia boots: Legendary Life Greaves. Personally, I use the Life ring way more than the Myth one and wouldn't miss the item card the Sudrilund boots provide.

Set of Secret Storms

     This outfit is actually pretty cool looking - if you ditch the mask of course! Storm hits are really quite powerful and I would think that the 22% damage boost would actually be a bit disappointing. However, 22% is better than what the Sudrilund gives to Storm spells (NONE!). 120 Critical Rating and 20% accuracy for secondary school spells is amazing though, seriously. I think I would be hard pressed to chose between these outfits.

     You can have many options if you carry both sets of crafted clothing. You might end up looking a bit eccentric, but you CAN always mix the clothing and wear the boots from Celestia with the hat and robe from Sudrilund. Level 55+ is where wizards really get a bit of freedom to fine tune their crafted gear to their own preferences.

     Please keep in mind that the numbers above reflect the properties given when the entire set is worn together. I have provided a link to the Dezzy's Closet page of our website that gives the clothing recipe and info for the sets, and the names of the individual items that make up the sets - just click on the set title. These pages are not yet available through our site but I have given exclusive early access to our blog readers!

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