Sunday, January 28, 2018

Celestial Housing - Part 2.1 - Crafting With Savvy

     Hello everyone! Let's get back to our Celestian crafting! This time we're starting the Water-Mole themed items, covering the torch, plate, table and leaning palm tree. All of the item recipes can be found with Gearwise for varying prices.
     Water-Mole Table - 8,070g
     The only thing I didn't like about this table was the size, it's much too big for us, but that can now be fixed with castle magic! The ingredient list isn't too bad, 1 Giant(tc), 3 Ghost Fire, 3 Crystal Vial, 1 Golden Pearl, 1 Fish Fin, 3 Sandstone and 9 Diamond.
     Water-Mole Torch - 14,325g
     I love these torches, they do give off light and even a slightly blue tint to the surrounding area. They do cost the most out of this set and require the most reagents, 1 Unstoppable(tc), 2 Jade, 2 Pristine Vial, 3 Golden Pearl, 5 Aquamarine, 12 Water Lily and 8 Fish Fin.
     Water-Mole Plate - 2,475g
     This is just a small, square dish. I've used them a few times to make my home look "lived in" even though I'm too busy saving the Spiral to be at home much. Each one uses 1 Strong, 1 Amethyst, 1 Crystal Vial, 7 Shell, 8 Kelp, 25 Nightshade and 7 Scales. While they aren't that difficult to craft you can usually find them in the Bazaar.
     Leaning Palm Tree - 6,330g
     Why is it leaning? Was there a bad storm? Did it grow that way? I like taking two of these to make an arch or frame a doorway and they are easy to craft so it doesn't take a whole lot to make a few; 2 Amplify, 3 Ghost Fire, 1 Glass Vial, 7 Aether, 6 Scales, 8 Shell and 16 Ancient Scroll.
     Well, that's all for this time, we will continue with more Water-Mole items next time and get into the Tiki stuff! Happy crafting everyone!

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