Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hunting for Aether, Golden Pearl, and Shell Reagents

     *Whines* This week is HARD! I was hoping to track down some critters that drop this week's reagents AND drops Christmas stuff but yeah that so not going to happen. Mostly I found some critters in Mirage that drop Christmas seeds all year long. Is anyone THAT dedicated to farming to pick a fight in Mirage? MooShu or Marlybone maybe.

     For those who ARE dedicated to their farming, I have very short lists. Black Dragon and Pendragon both drop Shells and Holiday items. Kravenly the Hunter and Yacate Farwalker drop Golden Pearls and Christmas goodies.

     Here is a link to my list of 28 creatures that drop Christmas stuffs. I know I don't have every single creature in the Spiral in my knowledge base but I think it is a very comprehensive list. It even includes some of the Mirage creatures that seem to drop Missile Toe or Boon Tree seeds etc. year round. However, it seems mostly that it is end bosses that drop holiday items and we have no information that Morganthe in Khrysalis, The Rat in Polaris, or Grandfather Spider at the end of Mirage do. This doesn't necessarily mean that they don't, just that it has not been reported. Alric has been spending some quality time with Krokopatra lately and has added many Christmas Items to her list of drops that had been previously unreported. She has been around forever and a half, and we are still learning her drops so it is quite possible that the newer end bosses just haven't been farmed during holidays - especially if everyone is busy with Nightshade or Mirror Lake! Dezzy is trying to rally Savvy for a trip to the Shadow Palace as I type this, to check on Morganthe's drops.

     Last but not least ... well, maybe a little bit - the least info at any rate ... Life wizards wanting to craft their Celestia Clothing will be hunting for Centaur Treasure Cards. Who knew they were so rare? Terri could suggest no plants that produce Centaurs and I'm afraid that I don't have much better news. Of the 7 or 8 critters in the Spiral that drop Centaurs, only Zola Witch Eye in Zafaria is a repeatable boss. The others are all one time solo fights when you are earning your level 75 minion. There ARE several Treasure Card vendors who sell Centaurs, and I think you can find them in the Bazaar, which makes it so bizarre that there are so few sources to find it.

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