Sunday, December 10, 2017

Aether, Aquamarine, Golden Pearl, and Shell: Gardening for Reagents

     Last week we learned that Aether, Golden Pearl, and Shell are on our grocery list for the Celestia Clothing Recipes. We'll also need Aquamarine for the gear that is found in Sudrilund, Grizzleheim. When Dezzy asked me for a gardening recommendation, I had answered off the top of my head with King Parsley. I was pretty close! King Parsley will get you Aether and Aquamarine in nice amounts. However, upon closer inspection, Maelstrom Snap Dragons will net you all four ingredients that we are searching for in the upcoming months. PLUS you can get mega snacks from Maelstrom Snap Dragons when they elder! That's always a plus! :) Also, you can harvest all but the shells from both Deadly Helephant Ears and Evil Magma Peas.


     I've only managed to grow 1 cycle of Ultra King Parsleys so far and received 19 Aether in 19 days, where it took 90 days and 3 cycles to get the same amount of Aether from Maelstrom Snap Dragons. You can also harvest it from regular King Parsley, Deadly Helephant Ears, and Fickle Pickles. It took me 2 cycles of Fickle Pickles to reap just 1 Aether though, so as usual, I wouldn't really count on Fickle Pickles for anything you want to collect a lot of quickly. You can also receive Aether from Evil Magma Peas and Ultra Snow Apples. Unfortunately, I haven't had either the seeds or the time and energy to grow any of those yet.


     Within 30 days of continuous growing, I received 23 Aquamarine from Deadly Helephant Ears, 10 from King Parsley, 9 from Maelstrom Snap Dragons, and 5 from Fickle Pickles. You can also receive Aquamarine from Evil Magma Peas, Fortune Cookie Trees, and Ultra Snow Apples, but I have no information on those yet.

Golden Pearl

     I managed to harvest 15 Golden Pearls from Maelstrom Snap Dragons, 9 from Deadly Helephant Ears, and 1 from Silver Trumpet Vines after growing them for 30 days. I've only managed to grow one season of Ultra Fly Traps, but I managed to reap 6 Golden Pearls from it within the 12 day cycle. You could also try growing Evil Magma Peas, or Ultra Alligator Pear Trees as they are also reported to produce Golden Pearls.


     The only plants that I received shells from are Maelstrom Snap Dragons and Fickle Pickles. For once Fickle Pickles were actually quite close competition for producing the most of something. In 30 days I received 6 shells from the Maelstrom Snap Dragons, and 4 from the Fickle Pickles.


     For those life wizards that were hoping that I would be covering the Centaur Treasure Cards that they will be needing for the Celestia Clothing Recipes, I do not have good news for you. There are no plants that will produce these Treasure Cards. You can usually find them easily at the bazaar, and several vendors throughout The Spiral also carry it.

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