Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fish Tanks - Part 4 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello everyone! Today I'm continuing this series with the Tall Small Fry Aquarium, Reg. Small Fry Lava Aquarium and Large Small Fry Multi-Tank. This is the last of the small fry sized tanks.
     If you're a Novice Crafter or higher and are intrested in this tank you can see either Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town or Frode Silverscale in Northguard to buy this recipe for only 2750 gold. This recipe requires 5 Storm Shield, 15 Citrine, 10 Mud Dekoi, 50 Mist Wood, 35 Leather Straps and 5 Ancient Scroll. Mud Dekoi are pretty easy to find, my favorite place is the Private Fishing Retreat. If you or a friend don't have one you can also find it in Mooshu.
     Who wouldn't want a ton of these awesome tanks? You can get the recipe for yourself from Balthazar Dragonthorn or Yuri Smokesnare in the Athenium for 2500 as long as you are a Master Artisan or higher. For each tank you will need 5 Meteor Strike, 15 Flawless Ruby, 7 Ember Parrot, 25 Lava Lily and Fire Blossom. My favorite place to catch Ember Parrot is definitely The Pyramid of Lost Horizon. Don't own one? No problem, there is always at least one posted at Castle Tours. There are no sentinels and if you're lucky you might even be able to catch a few Labyrinth Fish for some other tanks!
     Fun Tip: Did you know that you can stack Small Fry Aquariums on top of each other? It doesn't even matter if they are regular or large and it can save a lot of space!
     This aquarium recipe is available to Adept Crafters or higher for 5500 gold. Frode Silverscale is the only one who can sell you the recipe but be careful around Northguard, I over heard some of the other bears and Tarold Wayfinder is pretty upset that Frode is selling the recipe at all, something about a trade secret, I don't know, maybe it's just because no one comes to visit him anymore. You will need 2 Mote of Wisdom, 1 Floor Lg Wood Block, 5 Ninja Fish, 35 Mist Wood, 25 Sandstone and 15 Black Pearl. Ninja Fish can also be caught in Kembaalung but if you want a change of scenery they can also be found at the Tatakai Outpost in Mooshu.
     This is a very easy recipe. My wonderful friend Lloyd FallingWater will sell this recipe to any Apprentice Crafters or higher for only 2000 gold. You will only need 6 Sapphire, 4 Cat Tail, 3 Bone and 4 Lightning Bats.
     I have opened my own aquarium that anyone is welcome to come and visit, get some ideas, see the tanks in person. It's at my Midday Estate inside the cave. Also, there is a marked teleporter that will take you to the Celestial Obseritory, feel free to explore! That's all for this week, see me next time for the first article on Keeper sized tanks. I can't wait!
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