Friday, October 31, 2014

Kazidan the KeenEye - Vendor Spotlight

     I am happy to announce that today I finally finished entering the clothing recipes that can be purchased from Kazidan the KeenEye. This vendor is located in Sardonyx, which can be found within Khrysalis. Promethean crafters can buy crafting recipes for hats, boots, robes, and even wands. I currently only added the clothing recipes and plan to add the wand recipes later when we expand to include equipment recipes.

     I had a bit of difficulty with this vendor. Unlike most vendors he does not sell only one item that is best for specific wizards. Normally each vendor sells one hat, robe, and boots for fire wizards that have say, life spells as their secondary, for example. This can easily be considered a complete outfit, especially when the names are pretty much the same. This vendor sells hats for both level 94+ and level 96+ wizards; some with cards, some without.

     I also had issues with this vendor because there was at least one item with information missing from the wiki and others that I suspect are incorrect. Unfortunately, I cannot access this vendor to check the recipes myself, as I am currently adventuring in Cloudburst Forest and have not found my way to Krysalis just yet.

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