Monday, November 17, 2014

The Attic

     Slowly but surely I've been adding housing recipes to the attic. I've finally reached the "S" section of the long list of housing recipes. I've found so much that I had no clue you could craft. For example, before there were castle blocks I would make walls with the different tablets and markers that are either Krokotopia, Dragonspyre or Mooshu themed. Typically I would buy them from the bazaar unless I was lucky enough to get a few dropped. They aren't very much but when you have several houses and use them regularly it does add up, not to mention that there are only so many of each in stock and only so many different variations.
     Personally I like the Mooshu ones the most being that they fit together with little effort and the wooden look goes with just about any house. So when I got to the "S's" and found the Solar Tablet and Storm Tablet, I was very excited and wanted to rush in and make several (lol). I have found SO many recipes that I never would have without working on this site, I just hope that we can help you craft easier.

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