Sunday, April 26, 2015

Storm Wizards Guide to Krokotopia Crafted Clothes

     This week's excursion into Dezzy's Closet dug up Storm clothing. Samiir Naidu is the vendor that Storm wizards need to hunt down to find their clothing recipes in Krokotopia. He is a purple mander that can be found selling his wares in the Well of Spirits. He is located between the Ghost of Krokhotep and the Temple of Storms, where you will find Krokopatra.

     Only 1,234 gold will buy all three recipes for each outfit and the reagents are fairly common ones that are readily available throughout the spiral. These outfits only require basic crafting stations and Apprentice Crafter rank.

     There are far too many different outfits available to wizards for me to portray them all. I am focusing on the outfit that I borrowed from one of our castle residents whom has Myth as their secondary school. The dye shop may not give you many options, but these outfits can be dyed.

Sagadeep Outfit

Storm school only, Myth secondary
Level Required: Level 15+

Sagadeep Cowl

  • +53 Max Health
  • +1% Storm Accuracy
  • +1% Myth Accuracy
  • +2% Storm Damage
  • +2% Myth Damage

Sagadeep Robe

  • +1% Storm Accuracy
  • +1% Myth Accuracy
  • +3% Storm Damage
  • +2% Myth Damage

Sagadeep Footguards

  • +26 Max Health
  • +1% Myth Accuracy
  • +1% Storm Damage
  • +1% Myth Damage

Entire Outfit

Max Health:
+2% Storm +3% Myth
+6% Storm +5% Myth

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