Sunday, September 20, 2015

Celestial Observatory - Part 1 - Crafting with Savvy

     Ready to start crafting another great house? This time we're working on the Celestial Observatory! This is the only futuristic Celestia themed house and there is so much furniture that matches! At first I was very leery about putting the time and reagents into crafting this house because in the preview it seems very small. However, I wanted to cover it and I feel that it's very important to actually craft the objects I feature so that I can give an honest opinion about them. Much to my joy, less than a week later, I realized that it's much bigger than it appears while decorating it. The outside is huge, made up from four floating slabs connected by bridges and includes two out buildings and your very own dueling circle! I believe this is the only crafted house that comes with one.
     To complete this house you will need these treasure cards: 5 Unstoppable, 14 Polymorph Ninja, 7 Gargantuan, and 8 Monsterous; and these reagents: 80 Acorn, 24 Aether, 28 Black Pearl, 4 Crystal Vial, 21 Diamond, 80 Fire Blossom, 103 Fish Fin, 14 Glass Vial, 23 Golden Pearl, 118 Pearl, 3 Perfect Amethyst, 5 Perfect Onyx, 14 Perfect Peridot, 4 Perfect Sapphire, 8 Pristine Vile, 15 Sandstone, 11 Shadow Oil, and 52 Sunstone. I know, I know, another daunting shopping list. Luckily I had almost all of the ingredients already. The hardest to come by are Sunstone and Fish Fin. While Sunstone is a rare harvest from Sandstone Fish Fins are not harvestable...unless you harvest them from creatures in Celestia, that is why they are probably the hardest to obtain. 
     Other than the reagents this has to be one of the easiest to craft houses being that there are only 22 items to craft (7 Crystal Street Lamp, 4 Celestian Sconce, 8 Star Chalice and 3 Celestian Tree Sprig), and only 2 no crafted items (Celestain Shield) are needed. Total cost for all of the recipes was 129,075 gold, no small amount.
     Next time I'll start going into the objects that are crafted as I did with the Treetop Geteway, see you next time! 

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