Sunday, September 6, 2015

Treetop Getaway - Part 5 - Crafting with Savvy

     Congratulations! Now you've crafted your very own Treetop Getaway! Your new luxury estate can now hold 250 items inside and 250 items outside. The newest update was supposed to increase that amount to 350 but I haven't seen a change. I hope you've had fun crafting such a large project. It's a lot of hard work but is sure to be worth it!
     Now, just what to put in it? I've always thought that crafting a house and then filling it with nothing but crafted items would be SO cool! If you feel the same way there are tons of recipes that Cantares Five Flowers sells. Some of my favorites are the Azteca Brazier, Azteca Alter, Avian Bed, Dino Bed and the Shell Coat. Maybe even have one or both of the canoes next to the water?
     If you don't want to craft all of your decorations and furniture or think your new home needs something a little more, look for Old Man Huehue in Tree Points. He sells tons of different housing items. I love the Small Table, Azteca Beetles, Ornate Spears, and the Azteca Books. Also, I hear that he just got in a new shipment!
     Are you going to lean toward the Avian or Dino themes? You could even have one theme inside and one outside if you want! The outside is huge while the inside seems pretty small compared to it. Don't get lost on all of the paths!

     Did you notice the tag game in the first picture? It came with the house! I didn't place any housing items before taking these pictures. Did you know this house would come with a game? I sure didn't!

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