Sunday, August 30, 2015

Multi-Plant Garden - Terri's Garden

    There are a lot of different ways to set up your garden. Some wizards like to grow only one plant at a time, some like to have plants all over their house and yards. While having plants all over is very pretty it takes a lot of energy to keep those plants healthy and some wizards don’t want to only grow one plant at a time either so what’s the solution? A multi-plant garden that fits inside a large spell radius; a total of 18 small plots, 8 medium plots and 5 large plots.
   Now set up can be a little tricky, make sure that you pick an area with plenty of space. I usually start with a large enchanted plot (this way you don’t have to rip your garden up if later you want to plant something that needs enchanted soil) in the center of the area that I want my garden to be, then I add the medium or the small plots, then end with large plots at the “corners”. However, it may be simpler to use a large plot as a spacer. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to have 18 small, 8 medium and 5 large, you could have a combination there of, you want just large and medium? You got it.
   Alright, with all that done we can start filling your new garden with plants. You do still have to keep in mind how much energy you have verses what needs the plants will have. One of the great things about setting your garden up this way is that the whole is a large spell while each section is a medium so for example, all of your large plots need water, it would make the most sense to use downpour, the large watering spell, instead of mist or shower. Where as if you have one section of small plants that need sun and are the only plants that need sun you can use streaming sunlight (medium) instead of brilliant beams (large). Also, don’t forget to add in how much energy it takes to get rid of pests, it all adds up. If your plants have similar needs it will save you energy in the long run.
Again, just remember, 3 energy for a small, 8 energy for a medium and 15 for a large spell.

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