Sunday, August 23, 2015

Treetop Getaway - Part 4 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hi there everyone! Today we're finishing up your new house, the Treetop Getaway! Last time we finished up the craftable items, this week I'm going to suggest where to get the last few ingredients. You will need 1 Braided Vine, 3 Sparse Frond, 40 additional Mist Wood, and 2 Amber to complete your new estate.
     Only 5 creatures drop the sparse frond, Bacab Skycarrier (Cloudburst), Belloq (Three Points), Hielo Spirit (Saltmeadow), Poison Water Flower (Cloudburst), and Zolo Stone Heart (Zultun Dock). I would suggest farming Poison Water Flower in the Cloudburst Forrest, he is Balance with Storm mastery but only has 14,150 health. Just watch your blades, he uses Leviathan and if you're a master of an elemental school you may want to bring a few shatters. Also, you never know, you could get lucky and find enough sparse frond in the bazaar.
     Farming for Amber and Braided Vine is going to be harder; Cronus, Hades, Malistare the Undying, Gladiator Dimachaerus and the Sand Squid Tentacle are the only ones who drop braided vine, only the best wizards survive these bosses. On the plus side they all also drop amber so at least you have a chance at two different reagents you need. I personally suggest Gladiator Dimachaerus, the hidden boss in Mount Olympus. His cheats are small potatoes compared to the others; an enhanced version of availing hands and mana burn. He does have his natural attack that gives you a -75% weakness but a wand, beginner spell or a few cleanse charms work wonderfully. Dezzy and I visit Glad all the time, maybe we'll see you there!
     There are two other creatures that drop amber but not braided vine, Brood Mother (Khrysalis) and Shane von Shane (Darkmoore). Thankfully gardening is an option, I personally grow Maelstorm Snap Dragons (braided vine) and King Parsley (amber) not only for those reagents but for others as well. On a side note, you CAN transmute amber but you would need 5 Merle's Whisker, 5 Amber Dust, 15 Sunstone and 10 Golden Pearl for just one amber. Also, if you PVP or participate in pet derby you can visit Brandon Mistborn and buy braided vines (600 A.T.) and amber (5,000 A.T.), good luck to you.

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