Sunday, August 9, 2015

Treetop Getaway - Part 3 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello! Once again we're working towards crafting you a house! How are you coming on the last pieces I talked about? Yeah, I know, crafting a house is a big job, that's why I've been breaking it down piece by piece. This week I'm going to cover the last two craftable pieces, the Azteca Archway and Azteca Kiln. Yep, there are only four different crafted items needed to make the Treetop Getaway. You will need 8 archways and 4 kilns, they will take a total of 64 stone block, 40 sandstone, 40 sunstone, 80 agave leaves, 80 bone, 80 blood moss, and 2 grendelweed for the archways; 4 Efreet(tc), 4 Fire Trap(tc), 4 Furnace(tc), 20 sandstone, 50 stone block, 100 ghost fire, and 125 black coal for the kilns.
     Both of these pieces are huge! I really suggest finding room in your attic to store them or make them right before crafting the house. As I made all of the pieces for my roommate, Esmee and transferred them in the shared bank it was very hard for her to find room to store them all as she retrieved them.
     On a decorating note I think both of these look really cool! The archway would definitely look awesome at the Treetop Getaway, Serpentine Escape, Pyramid of Lost Horizon, The Sun Palace and maybe you could even find some room for it in the Island Getaway. The kiln however, even though it looks really cool I can't really think of a way to incorporate it. Maybe if you have a large empty space you could place it in the center and add some of your favorite pottery around it.

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