Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Know Thy Garden - Terri's Garden

     10 minutes until my next energy point?? Seriously? With the addition of ultra pets and ultra seeds, my energy needs aren't even close to meeting what I can generate in a single day. Don't even get me started about the fact that there is now fishing in Celestia, I haven't even had the spare energy to cast a single lure in Dragonspyre yet.

     Even Dezzy, who can hold up to 130 energy at a time with her assorted gear, has found it difficult to balance her energy needs to include fishing, or even pet training, in her daily activities. And let's face it, while fishing is a huge pain in the piggle, it IS necessary as far as crafting ingredients go. There are many housing items and pet snacks that now require fish as ingredients in order to craft them. I am not a full member of the Wizard union, preferring to only pay admission fees for each area instead, and therefore only generate 6 energy points per hour. Being able to hold 130 energy really isn't that helpful when it takes 21 hours and 40 minutes to regenerate those 130 energy points. Members have it a little easier, they can regenerate 8 energy every hour, but it would still take over 16 hours for Dezzy to refill her energy globe. Her vision-quest for reagents and/or mega pet snacks requires her to garden every 12 hours. This is a huge strain on her energy reserves.

     How often have you fished or pet trained and then found that you didn't have enough energy to take care of your garden properly? Or maybe you wisely tended your garden first, but then found that you had little or no energy left to do anything else? Or an even more heartbreaking scenario is when you garden first thing in the morning, then pet train with what energy is left, and then find that your plants have needs in the evening but you still hadn't generated enough energy to take care of all of your needs.

     The best tip that I can give you for energy management is to be aware of your garden's maximum energy needs. Do you have a medium sized plot or a large plot? How many needs do they have on their worst day? What is the highest pests they could possibly have? Being surprised with rank 5 pests on plants that normally only get rank 2 or 3 pests could mean a difference of 10 or 15 energy! This is where you may need to use those math skills that you swore you would never use in real life. I will try to keep the math from being too scary for those who are not on friendly terms with it.

     You can easily compute your maximum energy requirements by multiplying the number of needs by the energy required for your plot size and then adding the energy needed for your pest spell.

     Take a medium plot of dandelions for example. On their worst day, they would require pollination and rank 1 pests. Pollination for a medium plot takes 8 energy. Rank 1 pests require 5 energy. So 1x8+5=13. You would only need to reserve 13 energy for your gardening needs, WOOHOO! My large plot of Frozen Fly Traps is not nearly such a happy occasion though. These plants can have 3 needs : magic, music, and pollination. Also, they can get up to rank 5 pests, ugh! My maximum needs for these plants would be figured as follows : 3x15+25=70. Holy minotaurs! I'm not even high enough level yet to have access to high energy gear. The only energy gear that I have available for my level in my backpack is Beastmaster's Footwraps. Wearing these give me an energy globe that can hold exactly 70. No wonder I rarely have energy to spare for pet training. I may have to ask Dezzy to hatch and hope to get my own Dapper Corgi, which will add room for 8 extra points in my energy globe. Then again there is still the fact that I can only regenerate 72 energy in the 12 hours between my gardening sessions. *sigh*

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