Sunday, November 15, 2015

Celestial Observatory - Part 5 - Crafting with Savvy

     My my my, how time flys! Did you have fun crafting your new house? I sure hope so. Now just what to put in it? There are so many items that are Celestian themed, both crafted and bought. For crafted items there is the wishing well, vase, magician statue, crescent artifact, deep sea music maker, lamp, bookshelf, planter, and extra crystal street lamps, star chalices, tree sprigs, sconces. There are of course the tapestries that go to different parts of Celestia also.
     As for bought items the Crowns Shop sells furniture packs that you can buy with gold. They include a chair, coffee table, pedestal sink, tub, towel rack, couch, cupboards, kitchen sink, dining table, four dining chairs, astral bookshelf, bed, cabinet, fireplace, floor and wallpaper if you buy all three sets. They are 4,500 crowns or 22,500 gold each. 
     Other bought items include a power converter, tree sapling (which is huge), deactivated golem, fish fountain, fountain sconce, gardening pots, an open toolkit, short celestian column, and spire statue. Keep in mind, I only listed the items that are celestial themed and I am of course not telling you how you have to decorate your home, just giving suggestions. Until next time everyone, happy crafting!

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