Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bread Crumbs! - Newest Update - Crafting with Savvy

    With the newest update Kingisle has gifted us with Pet Bread Crumbs that control the behavior of pets and mounts that are placed in your house (most likely to keep pets and mounts out of your line of vision as you fish at your home, if you have the Acropolis, Massive Fantasy Palace, Serpentine Escape, Winter Wind Tower, Pyramid of the Lost Horizon, Sun Palace, Sultan’s Palace, Midday Estate, Meadows at Dusk, Night Garden, Botanical Gardens or Amber Estate houses). You will now be able to show off your pet's awesome dance moves and idle movements of mounts almost on cue.
    The bread crumbs number themselves as you set them down and you can link them together to make a path for your pets and mounts to follow; you can even make a loop if you wish or you can allow branching which will allow each pet or mount pick a random branch to go to. There are quite a few options for once a pet or mount reaches a bread crumb; how long to wait once there, if it's going to show off while it's standing there, what emotion it's going to show if you choose for it to show off and even how it's going to get to the next one, by walking or teleporting. Just keep in mind that not all mounts and pets have multiple emotions to show off.
    So how do you get some of these amazing new housing items? You can craft them of course! Just go see Jackie Whisperflame in the Pet Pavilion, she will sell you the recipe for only 5000 gold. To make a bread crumb you will need one each: Merle Doodlefish, Satyr Doodlefish, Zeus Doodlefish, Pacal Doodlefish, Goliath Doodlefish, Kiliman Copperleaf Doodlefish, Nalia DuneStrider Doodlefish and Flytrap Doodlefish. Now how do you get these? Just get your fishing rod out and check out all of the new fishing spots! Each bundle house has it's own exclusive fish! Thankfully you don't have to own each house, you can visit them in castle tours and fish away! I have not had the chance to go fishing much myself but it would stand to reason that each fish would be at the corrispondingly themed house. The Sun Palace is Zafaria themed and has the Kiliman Copperleaf Doodlefish (Kiliman is the librarian in Zafaria). The Pacal Doodlefish can be found in the Pyramid of the Lost Horizon which is Azteca themed and Pacal hangs out in the Zocolo.
                                                            If fishing isn't your thing or
that just sounds like too much work don't worry, you can also purchase a pack of 7 bread crumbs from the Crown Shop for only 100 crowns. Untill next time everyone, happy crafting or in this case, happy fishing!
*All of my information is what I witnessed in the test realm

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