Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Wyrd House - Part 2 - Crafting with Savvy

      Hello everyone and welcome. This week we're going to break down the ingredients. Normally I would split this part up into two pieces but since there are only 3 crafted items and only 2 each required I don't feel that will be needed.
     More of as a recap here is a list of what you will need to craft the grand total of 6 objects: Brick Walled Pond: 12 Storm Shark(tc), 2 Shadow Oil, 4 Glass Vial, 168 Deep Mushroom, 56 Black Lotus, 20 Ancient Scroll and 160 Spider Silk, Cephalopod Obelisk: 2 Precision(tc), 2 Perfect Ruby, 2 Simple Vial, 4 Sandstone, 6 Fish Fin, 14 Aether and 26 Black Pearl, and last but not least, Jar of Mushrooms, 8 Spirit Armor, 2 Amethyst, 8 Shadow Oil, 2 Glass Vial, 80 Stone Block and 20 Nightshade. The hardest parts being 168 Deep Mushroom and 160 Spider Silk, the amounts just stink.
     There is a little running around involved to aquire all the recipes needed. The Brick-Walled Pond you will find with Balthazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre for 2,730 gold. The Cephalopod Obelisk is with Gearwise in Celestia for 9,780 gold (but like I said before, you can usually find them in the bazaar). Finally, the Jar of Mushrooms, my friend Torald Wayfinder would be happy to sell you the recipe for 2,400 gold, just visit him at his stall in Grizzleheim.
     Next time I'll share what I did to make some extra space in the very small houses and discuss how I've decorated with the pieces we've crafted today. Until then, happy questing and happy crafting.

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