Sunday, February 21, 2016

Watchtower Hall - Part 2 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello everyone! Are you ready to start working on your very own Watchtower Hall? This week we're going to focus on the Stacks of Wood planks and the Wooden Water Towers. I figured it would work out best to start with the object you need the most of and an object that you only need a few of to kind of balance things out.
     You will need THIRTY Stacks of Wood Planks, they will use 90 Black Coal, 180 Mist Wood and 30 Simple vial. Thankfully there is a cooldown of only 24 minutes for crowns players and 12 minutes for members. The hardest part of these pieces is where to store them all while you finish crafting the rest of the pieces. Emma did inform me that they CAN be stacked on top of each other and that really helped.
     If you lose track of how many you've crafted and end up with extra wood planks I have seen them used as fencing, outlining pathways and even to corral pets at various Grizzleheim themed homes.
     You will also need 4 Wooden Water Towers, they will use 16 Evil Snowman(tc), 20 Shadow Oil, 4 Glass Vial, 200 Mist Wood, 96 Scrap Iron, 64 Frost Flower, and 240 Bronze Gear. Unfortunately the cooldown for these pieces is 12 hours and 48 minutes for crowns players and 6 hours and 24 minutes for members. That's per piece so you may want to craft one at a time, leaving at least one slot open to craft the quicker wood planks.
     The water towers are quite bulky and take up a bit of space, so you might want to store them in your attic. They do however look kind of cool as a decoration, especially at the Marleybonian houses, if you happen to craft an extra and happen to have a large empty space outside.
     I believe that's all I wanted to cover this week, next time I'll be covering the Ornamental Stepstone and the Water Fountain
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