Sunday, February 7, 2016

Watchtower Hall - Part 1 - Crafting with Savvy

     Are you ready for the last (for now, I hope) of the crafted houses? Up until now I have crafted each of the houses that I have featured, I have not personally crafted the Watchtower Hall BUT I contacted one of the sweetest ice wizards you could ever meet who has. Not only did she give me the inside scoop but generously allowed me to get tons of pictures of her lovely home.
     I have always loved this house and had wanted to craft it since I first learned that you could. However, I never did simply because of how daunting the task is. You don't have to be a high rank crafter (Emma was only level 12 when she accomplished this feat!), there are just so many pieces to craft that take huge amounts of reagents it really borders on ridiculous. There is a total of SIXTY-THREE objects that will need to be crafted! Unlike The Wyrd House this isn't just a weekend project, this can take months even if you stay right on top of your timers. If you were right there, ready to craft the next piece each and every time your timer was done it would still take 10 DAYS, 20 HOURS and 12 minutes (for crowns players) or 5 days, 10 hours and 5 minutes for members. That's even with one of the cool-down times of 24 minutes (crowns player) or 12 min (member)and if you have all of your reagents in order. How crazy is that? That's also only using one slot. I have known this house to be crafted in as little as two days but that was with buying a bunch of pieces from the Bazaar and buying reagent packs from the Crown Shop.
     You will need a grand total of 90 Black Coal, 544 Bronze Gear, 544 Deep Mushroom, 80 Diamonds, 300 Ectoplasm, 100 Frost Flower, 20 Glass Vial, 380 Mist Wood, 90 Nightshade, 370 Ore, 28 Parchment, 144 Scrap Iron, 142 Shadow Oil, 45 Simple Vial, 168 Stone Block and 268 Water Lily. Yeah, you read right, amounts up to 544 of two different reagents are needed.
     All of that is required to craft 4 Wooden Water Tower, 4 Carved Stone Tower, 15 Ornamental Stepstone, 30 Stack of Wood Planks, 8 Grassy Mound and 2 Water Fountain. Don't forget, you have to have enough space in your backpack for all of these items plus one when you go to the Grizzleheim crafting station to make your house. That can be a slight problem if you're a crowns player. How I wish we could just craft bigger backpacks!
     That's all for this week, next time I'll start breaking everything down piece by piece. I hope your reagent collecting is very fruitful, good luck!
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