Sunday, April 17, 2016

Crafting Houses Conclusion - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello everyone, did you have fun crafting the many houses? Which is your favorite? Is it the very spacious Watchtower Hall? The delightfully creepy Wyrd House or maybe the futuristic Celestial Observatory? What about the home away from home Treetop Getaway? Each one of these homes comes with it's pros and cons, all that matters is finding the one that works for you and completing it.
     There are many wizards out there who have crafted all of the houses, are you one of them? If you are, you've used a grand total of: 80 Acorn, 38 Aether, 128 Agave Leaves, 2 Amber, 2 Amethyst, 40 Ancient Scroll, 190 Black Coal, 54 Black Pearl, 80 Blood Moss, 80 Bone, 544 Bronze Gear, 4 Crystal Via,l 712 Deep Mushroom, 101 Diamond, 300 Ectoplasm, 80 Fire Blossom, 109 Fish Fin, 10 Fossil, 10 Frost Flower, 80 Ghost Fire, 40 Glass Vial, 43 Golden Pearl, 26 Grendleweed, 120 Leather Straps 640 Mist Wood 110 Nightshade 370 Ore 28 Parchement, 118 Pearl, 3 Perfect Amethyst, 5 Perfect Onyx, 14 Perfect Peridot, 2 Perfect Ruby, 204 Perfect Sapphire, 8 Pristine Vile, 159 Sandstone, 144 Scrap Iron, 413 Shadow Oil, 47 Simple Vial, 160 Spider Silk, 432 Stone Block, 162 Sunstone, 1 Vine, 268 Water Lily and as for treasure cards;5 Unstoppable, 14 Polymorph Ninja, 7 Gargantuan, 8 Monstrous, 10 Blizzard, 16 Evil Snowman, 8 Locust Swarm, 32 Nature's Wrath,
4 Seraph, 6 Forest Lord, 4 Poison, 12 Storm Shark, 2 Precision, 8 Spirit Armor, 12 Rebirth, 6 Earthquake, 4 Efreet, 4 Fire Trap, 4 Furnace and 40 Colossus. One heck of a shopping list right?
     Now, what did you furnish your house(s) with? Did you craft that as well? My dream is only halfway completed, I have already crafted the Treetop Getaway, now I just need to fill it with crafted items from Cantares Five Flowers.
     It's too bad that KingsIsle just now updated our crafting slots, being a Promethean Crafter I now have EIGHT slots! I can't even imagine how quickly a house can come together now! Now that I've covered all of the crafted houses I wish there were more. There are fourteen worlds but only four crafted houses. Hopefully they will bring more to the spiral soon!
     I'll be back two weeks from now with a brand new series so, until next time everyone, happy crafting!
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