Sunday, April 3, 2016

Watchtower Hall - Part 5 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello again! How is your crafting going? Not done crafting the Watchtower Hall? No worries, everyone crafts at different paces and this project is the biggest and most complicated as of yet. I can't wait for the newest update to go live, I've heard that we'll be getting a new crafting slot each time we earn a crafting badge! That will really help with huge projects like this!
     Isn't this house just amazing? It's HUGE! Not only is there the main house with six really nice sized rooms and the spacious yard, if you go through the tunnel you'll find yourself at your very own three story tower! I also have to add that this house has some amazing views! I definitely think it's worth all the time and effort that goes into this house, it is truly impressive. The only thing missing is a dueling circle and how I wish the crafted houses had fishing, wouldn't that be awesome?
     If you plan on going the 'all crafted' route Tarold Wayfinder may become your very best friend soon. Unfortunately there isn't much crafted housing that looks Grizzeheim themed, but thankfully there are Grizzleheim furniture packs in the crown shop that you CAN buy with gold that looks pretty cool.
     Did you have fun crafting all SIXTY-THREE pieces? I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if you're a little burnt out on crafting or seriously low on reagents especially bronze gear, deep mushroom, ectoplasm, mist wood, ore and water lily so next time I'm just going to do a recap of all of the crafted houses and give us all a little break.
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