Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fish Tanks - Part 1 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello everyone! Do you like fishing? I don't really like fishing exactly, but I DO like collecting the different types of fish and displaying them at my different houses! I want to be able to show off each and every fish some day which is going to take a ton of tanks. I know you can buy packs of fish tanks but why when you can craft them?
     Most of the tanks are very easy to craft, the recipes are generally easy on your gold pouch
(between 2500 and 5000 gold each) and you don't have to be a promethean crafter to make them either. You can get most of the recipes from Eudora Tangletree in wizard city. For lava tanks you'll have to go see Balthazar Dragonthorn or Yuri Smokesnare who are standing next to each other in Dragonspyre. Frode Silverscale in Grizzleheim sells all but the lava tanks including the amazing multi-tanks!
     In general you will need 1 type of treasure card, 1 type of fish and 4 different types of reagents to make each type of tank from Eudora. They are the easiest and you only need to be a novice crafter. The lava tanks from Balthazar or Yuri are a little harder simply because of the fish you need, you will also need to be a master artisan. The multi-tanks from Frode are a the hardest, you need to be an adept crafter, they need special motes from certain dungeons and a crafted housing object.
     Next post I will be start breaking down each and every tank into exactly what you need for each and add in a few hints and tips or where to find the fish you will need. See you next time!
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