Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fish Tanks - Part 7 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello everyone! Ready to get crafting? Today we'll be focusing on the Tall Keeper Aquarium, Reg. Keeper Lava Aquarium and the Large Keeper Multi-Tank! are you excited? I'm excited to learn about the Reg. Keeper Lava Aquarium! I need to make a ton for my Aquarium, how cool would it be to have a full floor of nothing but lava tanks!
     If you want your very own without having to pay crowns go talk to Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town or Frode Silverscale in Northguard. Even Novice Crafters can make this tank and the recipe will only set you back 2750 gold and 5 Myth Shield(tc), 15 Sapphire, 10 Gullfish Grouper, 50 Mist Wood, 35 Leather Straps and 5 Nightshade. The only place I've found Gullfish Grouper is on Triton Avenue by the mill. These aquariums are so cool don't you think? What do you think would be the best way to display fish in them?
     For this tank you will have to join Balthazar Dragonthorn and Yuri Smokesnare who are hanging out in the Athenium. Master Artisan crafters can get the recipe for 2750 gold and it will take 5 Seraph(tc), 15 Flawless Jade, 7 Dragonfly Fish, 25 Lava Lily and 15 Fire Blossom. As soon as I finish this post I'm going to be in game going after the Dragonfly Fish, if you have a favorite spot to catch them let me know in the comments below!So far, the only known place is the Athenium.
     For this awesome tank you will need to visit Frode Silverscale in Northguard, he will be more than happy to sell you the recipe for 5000 gold and if you're a little short you can even sell some of the fish you don't want while you're there! For this tank you will need 2 Mote of Wisdom, 1 Crab Chimney, 5 Ninja Fish, 25 Shell, 25 Deep Mushroom and 5 Golden Pearl. You can find Ninja Fish all over Mooshu. I usually catch mine in Kembaalung as I'm going after Kid Carp. These tanks are HUGE, plenty of room for those large fish. What's your favorite large fish?
     Bonus: Crab Chimney
     This recipe is pretty simple and my good ol' buddy Gearwise will sell it to you ONLY if you go see him and Otto in the Celestia Base Camp. It is a bit pricey compared to the other recipes that we've been covering, 8325 gold and it needs 2 Polymorph Gobbler(tc), 1 Perfect Citrine, 1 Glass Vial, 2 Fire Blossom, 8 Kelp, 17 Nightshade and 5 Fish Fin. Isn't this decoration cool looking? I think I'm going to need to make a few extra of these and place them around my sunken house! I wish there was an craftable, underwater house.
     Well, that's all for now, see you all two weeks from now with three more tanks! Happy crafting!
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