Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fish Tanks - Part 8 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello everyone! Are you ready to focus on whopper sized tanks? Well I sure hope so because that's what we're starting today! These tanks are huge! When they say tall they mean TALL, when they say large, they mean LARGE. There are no multi-tanks for whoppers so I'm just filling in the gap with a different whopper tank. I will be covering the Tall Whopper Lava Aquarium, Regular Whopper and Lg. Whopper Lava Aquariums this time and the rest of the whopper tanks next time.
     For this very tall tank you can visit Balthazar Dragonthorn and Yuri Smokesnare in the Atheneum if you are master artisan or higher. They will charge you a processing fee of 5000 gold. You will need 5 Vampire(tc), 15 Flawless Onyx, 7 Hard Albacore, 25 Lava Lily, 15 Fire Blossom to make this tank. As far as I know, the only place to catch the Hard Albacore is the Plaza of Conquests.
     Eudora Tangletree is trying to convince Frode Silverscale not to be upset that we no longer have multi-tanks to feature and she suggested that we all go visit him if we want the recipe because she's going on vacation! If you catch her before she leaves her home in Olde Town or visit Frode Silverscales the recipe will cost 5000 gold as long as you are novice or higher. For each tank you will need 5 Life Shield(tc), 15 Sapphire, 10 Frost Dekoi, 50 Mist Wood, 35 Leather Straps and 5 Black Pearl. Frost Dekoi are super easy to come by, just pretend you want to catch a different ice fish, you'll be done before you know it.
     Balthazar Dragonthorn and Yuri Smokesnare welcome master artisans to also pick up this tank buy one, get one free! (must pay 5000 gold up front) Some assembly required, needed but not included: 5 Humongofrog(tc), 15 Flawless Peridot, 7 Sweet Yellow Grunion, 25 Lava Lily and 15 Lava Blossom. You can catch the cutesy little Grunion in The Crucible, Botanical Gardens (my favorite) or The Sun Palace.
     Only one more post to this series, what topics would you like to see me feature? Leave your suggestions below. Until next time everyone! Happy crafting!

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