Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fish Tanks - Part 9 - Last Post - Crafting with Savvy

     Welcome to Crafting with Savvy! This post I'll be covering the very last of the craftable fish tanks! All we have left is the Tall Whopper Aquarium, Reg. Whopper Lava Aquarium and the Large Whopper Aquarium so let's finish this up!
     Frode Silverscale and Eudora Tangletree would be more than willing to sell you this recipe to Novice crafters for 5000 gold and Elmer Meadowgrass, Eudora's son, would love to sell you the 15 Peridot that you will need along with 5 Myth Shield(tc), 10 Corroded Dekoi, 50 Mist Wood, 35 Leather Straps and 5 Spring. I like catching Corroded Dekoi in the Fishing Retreat.
 Balthazar Dragonthorn and Yuri Smokesnare are up to the same 'ol same 'ol in the Athenium. They are more than willing to trade Master Artisans 5000 gold for the recipe and Zoltan Nightstone is right there waiting for you to buy the 15 Flawless Onyx you will need. You will have to fine 5 Skeletal Pirate, 7 Soul Searcher, 25 Lava Lily and 15 Fire Blossom else where. Anyone know where a good place to catch Soul Searchers? Let me know below!
     While you're grabbing the tall tank you might as well grab this one too, same vendors, same price only for this enormous tank you will need 5 Snow Shield(tc), 15 Black Coal, 10 Fabled Dekoi, 50 Mist Wood, 35 Leather Straps and 5 Water Lily. Even the favorite fishing spot is the same.
     This is the last of the tanks, next time I'll be covering an entirely different topic, what yet, I'm not sure. If you would like to make a suggestion you know where the comments section is. I think I may discuss the craftable furniture you can make to go with your crafted houses!

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