Sunday, October 16, 2016

Azteca Housing - Crafting with Savvy - Part 1

     Hello everyone, are you excited to get back to crafting? I'm starting a whole new series today focusing on all of the craftable housing that's Azecta themed! Have you crafted the Treetop Getaway or have The Pyramid of the Lost Horizon or maybe The Serpentine Escape? These items will look awesome with the Azteca Furniture Packs (don't forget you can buy those with gold) and will help fill them out. This post I'm covering the Azteca Alter, Avian Bed, Axe Rack and Azteca Archway.
     For all but two objects in this entire series we're going to be hanging out with one vender, Cantares Five Flowers in the SaltMeadow Swamp and all of his recipes are pretty expensive and you have to be a Transcendent Crafter or higher.
     I just LOVE this little bed, I put it in the loft of the Treetop Getaway, it fit perfectly in one of the little niches and looks like it should have come with the house! It was pretty easy to craft too, just 1 Phoenix(tc), 25 Mist Wood, 10 Agave Leaves, 10 Fire Blossom, 5 Grendelweed, 2 Sunstone and 10 Spider Silk.
     I personally don't see the point in all of the weapon racks, maybe I'm just too girly to find them cool, who knows. This recipe requires 20 Perfect Jade, 10 Mist Wood, 4 Agave Nectar, 15 Leather Straps, 25 Spider Silk and 5 Turquoise, so this one is a bit rough.
     This altar is really really cool, I love the carvingss. Also, as far as I know you can put a few small things on it if you wish and the recipe isn't too bad either, 1 Medusa(tc), 10 Ghost Fire, 8 Stone Block, 4 Fossil, 20 Ancient Scroll, 5 Sandstone and 20 Bone.
     This archway is actually required to craft the Treetop Getaway and as I said's HUGE! Amazing but absolutely gigantic, I bet it would look awesome with a teleporter inside kind of like the ones in Avalon. You will need 8 Stone Block, 5 Sandstone, 5 Sunstone, 10 Agave Leaves, 10 Blood Moss, 2 Grendelweed and 10 Bone to make one.
     That's all of this post, next time I'll have four more for you, the Azteca Cart, Chair, Brazier and Canoe. Until then, happy crafting everyone!
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