Sunday, October 9, 2016

Aquila Gear for Level 30 Death Wizards

     This week we have Khalkos Coppersmith visiting Dezzy's Closet. You'll find him standing within The Garden of Hesperides, just to the right of Mount Olympus as you enter the garden from the chariot, or if you have used Tapestry to Aquila Gardens. OK, I seriously don't get these recipes. You have to farm for the dropped version for your school and spend the time harvesting and collecting all of the reagents required. The crafted outfits just really don't seem THAT much better than the dropped outfits.

     I've tried asking Khalkos if there is some point to his crafted clothing that I'm just not seeing. He just looks down his beak at me like it should be obvious. *Rolls eyes and sighs* Immortals, what can you do with them? Maybe if we compared the dropped set side by side with the crafted set it will become self-explanatory as to why we would want to make these sets of clothing.

     By the way, you didn't hear this from me but rumor has it that there is a potted plant just to the right of Khalkos that isn't exactly nailed down - if you know what I mean.

Senator's Devious Set


Adept's Devious Set

408 445   (+37)
13% 13%   (+0%)
6% 10%   (+4%)
21% 17%   (-4%)
26% 28%   (+2%)
25% 27%   (+2%)
10% 14%   (+4%)
0% 3%   (+3%)

     Now I realize that different players have different needs, PVP may require different properties than questing and/or farming so make your own decision if you would rather give up 4% damage boost for slightly more health, resistance, accuracy, and heal boosts. That might SEEM like a no brainer, until you look at the ingredients required to make the entire outfit. First of all, you're going to need to have the entire Senator's Devious Set in order to craft the Adept's Devious Set but that is only the tip of the iceberg! Here is the entire ingredient list to make the full outfit ...

1 Senator's Devious Mantle
1 Senator's Devious Toga
1 Senator's Devious Sandals
16 Wraith
60 Crystal Vial
17 Black Pearl
60 Water Lily
80 Blood Moss
50 Ore
40 Frost Flower
10 Deep Mushroom

     Holy Gobblers! That's a ton of blood moss and water lily needed. I think that was pretty much where I decided to be perfectly happy with the Senator's clothing that I got dropped. Now, I'm headed off to try to force Lord Nightshade into giving up a mummy costume, but I will give you one last bit of advice. You know I'm all about the crafted clothing so I do not say this lightly: Save your reagents. From what I see here, the Senator's Devious Set is not only better than the Adept's but unless you are looking to boost your secondary school they are also better than the MooShu clothing.

Compare for yourself, here are links to the MooShu crafted clothing:

Death Wizards Guide to Crafted Clothes in Mooshu Part 1

Death Wizards Guide to Crafted Clothes in Mooshu Part 2

     Please keep in mind that the numbers above reflect the properties given when the entire set is worn together. I have provided a link to the Dezzy's Closet page of our website that gives the clothing recipe and info for the sets, and the names of the individual items that make up the sets - just click on the set title. These pages are not yet available through our site but I have given exclusive early access to our blog readers!

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