Sunday, October 30, 2016

Azteca Housing - Crafting with Savvy - Part 2

     Hello, this week we are continuing to cover the Aztecan craftable housing with four more items. This post covers the Brazier, Canoe, Cart and Chair. For all of these recipes we're still hanging out with Cantares Five Flowers in SaltMeadow Swamp. All of the items cost 31500 gold per recipe, require you to be a Transcendent Crafter or higher and have a cooldown of 24 hours for non-members and 12 hours for members.
     Azteca Brazier
     I'm really a fan of themed braziers, especially if they're lit. They add light, color and usually a crackling sound when you're near them, this one is subtly Aztecan. Luckily this recipe is pretty easy so I'll be able to make a few to sprinkle around. Each one needs 1 Rain of Fire(tc), 1 Fuel(tc), 20 Ghost Fire, 25 Black Coal, 10 Perfect Ruby, 10 Scrap Iron and 2 Sunstone.
     Azteca Canoe
     This canoe is similar to the Avian Canoe of last post only this one is simpler. It really could be placed by any body of water at any house and fit in well. Other than agave nectar and fish fin the recipe is very easy, you only need 2 Storm Shark(tc), 25 Mist Wood, 4 Agave Nectar, 20 Water Lily, 20 Cat Tail, 20 Leather Straps and 15 Fish Fin for each.
     Azteca Cart
     This item is pretty bulky, most likely used outdoors, maybe by your garden. Unfortunately you can't put anything inside and it requires 4 Nature's Wrath(tc), 20 Mist Wood, 5 Stone Block, 5 Agave Leaves and 20 Leather Straps.
     Azteca Chair
     Last but not least. Have you seen the Small Throne in the Bazaar or have been lucky enough to get it from the Skyvern's Hoard Pack? It actually matches this chair perfectly just in case you're interested, I think they would look really cool together. 4 Percision, 15 Shadow Oil, 20 Mist Wood, 4 Agave Nectar and 10 Pearl are required so a set may require a bit of work.
     That's all for this week, I'll see you soon with four more items from this set. If you're running low on Agave Nectar or want to build your stock up before starting to craft it's a rare harvest from agave, can be transmuted, almost all of the ultra seeds can drop it, and is dropped by quite a few people, sadly they all seem to be really difficult, in a one-shot, key room or Polaris. If fishing is more of your thing try getting chests in Baobab Crown.
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