Sunday, October 23, 2016

Are you ready for Mirage?

     Have you heard? Ambrose is planning to dispatch us to a brand new world for our next assignments! Mirage: land of warm winds, arabesque atmosphere, desert terrain; how exciting! Uh, kinda. I mean seriously, I JUST finally got all of the sand out of my hair from Krokotopia. No Windbreaker, you don't get to amass a harem while there. We'll be like ambassadors representing Wizard City, please be on your best behavior! I'm so switching realms if I run into him there, I swear.

     According to speculation, we'll be tasked with the goal of tracking down another of Cobb's children, quite probably the scorpion mutant. Almost kinda hafta feel bad for those dudes and what their childhood must have been like. Ooh, I wonder if I'll run into my old friend Nalia Dunestrider while I'm there. I should look her up, I haven't seen her since we were in Wysteria for the Spiral Cup Tournament. Good times.

     So I guess we have fully explored Polaris. I kind of figured it would be like Khrysalis where we would have more to do yet. But there are still questions to be answered in Polaris! Most specifically: where are the dang crafting vendors? All we learn to craft in Polaris is jewels? Seriously?? I need some new crafted clothing to add to Dezzy's Closet! Nice warm Polaris clothing would be handy, especially while hanging out in the River of Frozen Tears and harassing Omen, I mean begging him for an amulet. It gets cold there! Not to mention one would hope we'd get some Polaris clothing with decent properties. I mean come on now. Just regular creatures in the Polaris streets drop pets but the standard stock clothing reeked!

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