Sunday, January 1, 2017

Upcoming Plans for 2017

     Hi! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Do you remember me? It's Me, Terri! You know! As in Terri's Garden? I KNOW! It has been forever since I have had the run of the blog :) But Guess what?? You'll never guess! Nope! Nuh uh! OOh, I'm gonna burst, lemme just tell ya! Dezzy is working on getting my garden ready to be included on the site! Can you believe it?! I've been gardening my little wand to the nub for TWO years trying to collect information and it seems like every time I get close, plants mutate and start doing new things! Like dropping housing items or ultra seeds! I have several different plants that I have compiled a decent amount of information on - not all the plants of course, I only have so much energy y'know - but a LOT!

     Some other features we are hoping to introduce to the site this year include being able to log in so piggles can't eat your cookies, improved tips from Digby on the recipe pages, tips from little ol' me suggesting what plants you might want to include in your gardening to get the Treasure Cards and reagents you need to craft recipes, being able to enter Hunter's Lair and search the different creatures he has information on! So many things in store in 2017!

Please have a safe and Happy New Year! Watch out for stumbling Gobblers!

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