Sunday, May 14, 2017

Kraken - Gardening for Treasure Cards in Terri's Garden

   Hello fellow gardeners! I really wish that I had better news for you this month. Dezzy tells us in her Storm Wizard's Guide to Dragonspyre Crafted Clothing that a total of 25 Kraken are needed to craft each entire clothing set. There is only 1 plant which can give Kraken Treasure Cards. As most of you know, I grow 10 plants at a time. From my experience, Maelstrom Snap Dragons only produce Krakens at elder harvest, and I have only ever received ONE card per cycle from my 10 plants.

   You could have better luck growing more and using Moolinda's treasure cards to give all plants sun and water, but those can be hard to come by. You can often get the sun spell in the bazaar but let's face it, if you are going to resort to a trip to the bazaar, you may as well just buy the Kraken treasure cards. You could grow them anyways and hope to also receive braided vine for your efforts, but I've received even fewer of those than Kraken. Hunter may have some better news for you next week as far as farming for Kraken cards but I'm afraid gardening is a bust. Sorry that I can't help you more :(

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