Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kraken - Hunting for Treasure Cards

     Did you know that there are 8 different Krakens in the spiral that we might face? Only 5 of these can be farmed and is all that most wizards will ever see. Not surprising, Storm wizards will face 7 of these creatures and Balance wizards will face 6. Of those five that we can farm, only two actually drop the Kraken treasure card, the Sea Lord in Dragonspyre and the Enraged Kraken in MooShu.

     Dezzy tells us that Storm wizards hoping to craft their Dragonspyre clothing will need 25 Kraken cards. Never fear, I can point you towards 43 critters that can drop it for you. I mean sure, you COULD buy it at the bazaar or from the librarians in Wizard City or Krokotopia, but that is just all kinds of boring!

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