Sunday, June 11, 2017

Member Gardening Rewards

     Curiosity question: Do you have plants that sit at elder awaiting the glorious few days that members receive double rewards? If so, which ones? Are you gardening for reagents or mega snacks? Are you hoping to double the number of seeds/plants you currently have? All of the above?

     This round of double rewards I managed to get my Evil Magma Pea seed count up to SIX! Woot! Yeah, not very impressive, but I started out with one lonely little seed. I have the worst luck getting these dropped for some reason, no matter how often I try to farm for them. I had great hope for Mirage as Dezzy had gotten TWO Evil Magma Pea seeds dropped in the Test Realm, but alas, none since then *sniffle*.

     I have collected screen shots from some of our residents who do have plants set aside specifically for double rewards. I see a whole lot of Couch Potatoes in these pictures!

     If you look on the left in the picture above, you'll spot a double tier of King Parsley! I wonder how much amber that produces? =O I also see both Couch Potatoes and Deadly Helephant Ears planted on the right. Those two plants can produce a nice variety of mega snacks for just about all pets.

     Aww, a little black raincloud is covering up my Evil Magma Peas and making it hard to see my Gem plants. It is going to be a long time before I have enough of those seeds to plant an entire plot to collect data for you guys. Really didn't help that because my Evil Magma Pea garden grew it now encroaches into the Gem plant air space. Not sure why Gem plants don't like Evil Magma Peas but now they are planted too close together *frowny face*

     I wish I had caught Dezzy before she had harvested some of her plants! Still a fairly impressive sight to behold.

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