Sunday, May 24, 2015

Death Wizards Guide to Krokotopia Crafted Clothes

      Death wizards don't have it easy trying to find their clothing recipes in Krokotopia. When you are questing in the Karanahn Barracks, keep your eyes peeled for an adorable little blue mander named Zam'fir that is standing within the area where the rope bridges are located. This is the vendor that you are looking for.

     You can buy all three recipes for each outfit for only 1,234 gold and the reagents are fairly common ones that are readily available throughout the spiral. These outfits only require basic crafting stations and Apprentice Crafter rank.

     There are many many different outfits available to wizards and I'm not going to claim that these are the absolute best ones. However, when it comes to giving a boost to both your primary and secondary schools the options for wizards at this level are pretty limited. While the dye shop doesn't give you many options, these outfits can be dyed.

Grimfancy Set

Death school only, Myth secondary
Level Required: Level 15+

Grimfancy Veil

  • +72 Max Health
  • +1% Myth Accuracy
  • +1% Death Damage

Grimfancy Surcoat

  • +108 Max Health
  • +1% Myth Accuracy
  • +2% Death Damage

Grimfancy Footguards

  • +36 Max Health
  • +1% Death Damage
  • +1% Myth Damage

Entire Set

Max Health:
+1% Death +2% Myth
+4% Death +1% Myth

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