Sunday, May 17, 2015

Teleporters - Crafting with Savvy

   Hello again everyone! We sure have been busy here at Castle of Crafts, our actual website, Castle of Crafts is live and you can visit me in my attic and ask for suggestions of housing items that you can craft. You can also still visit my Midday Estate; I’m going to be keeping it on the tours so stop on by!

   Now don’t think that means that I’m not going to feature something this week! Traveling back and forth from my personal houses to The Castle made me really appreciate teleporters. I was led to believe that you could only get teleporters from the Crowns Shop but as it turns out Gearwise in Celestia sells recipes to craft your own in 8 different colors; blue, cyan, green, orange, purple, red, white and yellow with the main difference being what treasure cards you use. Setting up a teleporter is really simple but just in case you get confused Mr. Lincoln is more than happy to give you a short tutorial when you first pick up the teleporter.
   Not only are teleporters convenient to travel from place to place but you can also make games and mazes using them. I’ve seen quite a few on the castle tours, they can be so much fun! I have one teleporter hidden at The Castle, can you find it?    

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