Sunday, May 31, 2015

Teleport Tapestries - Part 1 - Crafting with Savvy

     Last time I talked about teleporters that you can use to get from one part of your home to another, which is great but what if you want to go somewhere else? You could run to your world door but, that could be a long run sometimes huh? Thankfully there is another option, teleport tapestries! You can craft a tapestry to go just about anywhere now. This week I’m going to cover four of the school tapestries, Balance, Death, Fire and Ice.

     The Tapestry to School of Balance is extremely helpful being that the Balance school isn’t in Ravenwood, it’s in Krokotopia and you have to take a ferry to get there. Having this tapestry save you a lot of running, just poof you’re right in front of Alhazred.
     There are actually two different tapestries for Death, this week I’m covering the Tapestry to School of Death, not the Tapestry to Nightside, I will be covering that one next time though. As you most likely know, the Death school is no longer in Ravenwood either, It fell into Nightside after Malestaire fled Wizard City. Think Dworgyn will notice if you pop right in?
     The Tapestry to School of Fire and the Tapestry to School of Ice do take you to Ravenwood and plop you right in front of Professor Falmea or Professor Greyrose.
All in all any one of these teleport tapestries can save you a lot of time by being able to just pop in wherever the tapestry features. In a hurry to learn your next spell? POOF you’re there!
     Each recipe only costs 5,000 gold, the gems come up to 450, 20 for the black coal, 3,040 for the treasure cards needed for Ice and Fire; 8550 for the Balance treasure cards and I ended up spending 3,851 on Mega Pacify for the Death tapestry and that was with growing Pink Laugh-o-Dills.

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