Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fire Wizards Guide to Krokotopia Crafted Clothes

     You know what they say, it is all about location, location, location. Fire wizards have got it easy when it comes to finding their recipe vendor. Ar'dath Bey is hanging out in the Altar of Kings, and is the first clothing vendor that wizards will encounter in Krok. It is next to impossible to NOT find this Mander who stands right by Professor Winthrop.

     Only 1,234 gold will buy all three recipes for each outfit and the reagents are fairly common ones that are readily available throughout the spiral. These outfits only require basic crafting stations and Apprentice Crafter rank.

     There are many many different outfits available to wizards and I'm not going to claim that these are the absolute best ones. However, when it comes to giving a boost to both your primary and secondary schools the options for wizards at this level are pretty limited. While the dye shop doesn't give you many options, these outfits can be dyed.

Glowmuse Outfit

Fire school only, Myth secondary
Level Required: Level 15+

Glowmuse Headdress

  • +60 Max Health
  • +1% Myth Accuracy
  • +1% Fire Damage

Glowmuse Uniform

  • +85 Max Health
  • +1% Fire Accuracy
  • +1% Myth Accuracy
  • +1% Fire Damage

Glowmuse Slippers

  • +31 Max Health
  • +1% Fire Damage
  • +1% Myth Damage

Entire Outfit

Max Health:
+1% Fire +2% Myth
+3% Fire +1% Myth

     This is the final planned post in the Krokotopia series and I'm really not entirely satisfied with how this series has turned out. Granted, the Krok clothes aren't all that exciting but I feel that it IS important to point out that little wizards do have some options to help them boost both of their primary and secondary schools. Even if those options are confiningly limited. I really can't cover ALL of the crafted Krokotopia clothes unless I plan to feature each of the 42 different outfits, and that would just be overkill. Hopefully though, I have at least raised the awareness of these clothes and maybe prompted wizards to go visit the assorted vendors to check out the outfit that would specifically fit their school combination. I may revisit Krok recipes in the future in an effort to clarify these outfits a bit more, but for now ... onward to Marleybone attire.

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