Sunday, June 14, 2015

Teleport Tapestries - Part 2 - Crafting with Savvy

    On to the second set of school tapestries, we have the Tapestry to Nightside, Myth School, Life School and Storm School! Myth, Life and Storm take you right to the respective schools in Ravenwood while the one to Nightside of course takes you to Nightside where you can meet Mortis, don’t forget to talk to him while you‘re there!
Who doesn’t want to reach their school as quickly as they can when their teacher starts calling? It’s so exciting to get a new spell! In mere seconds you could be face to face with Halston Balestrom, Moolinda Woo or Cyras Drake…on second thought, you might want to take your time getting to Drake…
How lucky are Death wizards getting two separate tapestries? Although, it might be more helpful if they went to separate places. I’m sure Malorn Ashthorn gets lonely standing out there all by himself. Unfortunately, they do have it a little harder when actually crafting either tapestry, Mega Pacify is a bit hard to come by and for the other, Owl-Eyed Pike are a rare fish. Also, I had an exceptionally hard time catching Jolted dekoi!
So,  no matter where your school may be there is a quick and easy way to get there! Until next time, I’ll see you around the spiral! 

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