Sunday, June 28, 2015

Treetop Getaway - Part 1 - Crafting with Savvy

     For the next few weeks I’m going to be covering a crafted house. Yes! I said house! There are several houses you can craft: the Watchtower Hall, Celestial Observatory, Wyrd House and Treetop Getaway. Each has their difficulties. Crafting a house has to be the biggest crafting challenge there is. One of the hardest parts is keeping track of what you have crafted and what you need to craft. I suggest making a spread sheet to keep track. It’s also helpful if you only work on one piece at a time and when you’re done place same pieces together. You’ll need to have a big space to keep the pieces unless you store them in your attic, which can be handy since it will count how many you have for you. Also, if you have a roommate who crafts the process can go quicker if they craft some of the pieces and then place them in the shared bank.
I’m going to be starting with the Treetop Getaway, covering each and every piece over the next few weeks. You can get the recipe from Cantares Five Flowers in Saltmeadow Swamp, Azteca. He also sells the recipes to all of the crafted pieces. The recipe for the house it’s self is 65,000 gold, add that to the cost for the other pieces and you will need a whopping 191,000 just for all of the recipes; not to mention if you need to buy reagents.
You can gather all of your reagents before crafting any of the pieces but remember, each piece has a cooldown time which is what makes this process so lengthy. Also, keep in mind that for this house you will need a total of 260 Mist Wood, 128 Agave Leaves, 184 Stone Block, !40 Sandstone, 110 Sunstone, 120 Leather Straps, 80 Bone, 80 Blood Moss, 16 Grendleweed, 100 Black Coal, 80 Ghost Fire, 250 Shadow Oil, 200 Perfect Sapphire, 20 Golden Pearl, 10 Fossil, 2 Amber, and 1 Braided Vine. There is also a housing item that you will either need to farm for or buy at the Bazaar.
A lot when you look at it like that huh? It’s easy if you work on it a little bit at a time though. Doing so it took me a little over a month to craft all of the pieces by myself, that was with me already having most of the reagents at the start. It can take a shorter or longer time to craft a house depending on reagents, crafting slots/cooldown times, how many pieces there are and how hard you work towards your goal. I worked at a leisurely pace.
I crafted all of the pieces for my roommate, Esmee but she isn’t a Transcendent Crafter yet. Once she is and has crafted it I will update and add pictures of her new home! That’s all for this week, next time I will start covering the different pieces. See you around!

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