Sunday, October 4, 2015

Celestial Observatory - Part 2 - Crafting with Savvy

     This week we are going to discuss the Celestian Tree Sprig and the Celestian Sconce and what it takes to craft them. Ever since I was only a wee little wizard I have loved the look of the Celestian themed items, aren't they just so pretty?
      Now, to be perfectly honest, I didn't craft my Celestian Tree Sprigs, I bought mine from the Bazaar but if I were to craft them the recipe would be bought from Gearwise for 9,690 gold and would have taken 3 Gargantian, 3 Perfect Amethyst, 3 Shadow Oil, 15 Golden Pearl, 9 Fish Fin, 15 Sandstone and 21 Diamonds to make all three. I love the Celestian Tree Sprigs, I use them to decorate many of my houses because they are very colorful and yet even though they are a tree they are on the small side so they fit into most houses. If you've visited my Midday Estate you might have noticed that I used them to help brighten up the cave. 
      I did however craft the Celestian Sconce and because I liked them SO much I even crafted a few extra to decorate the house with when it was finished. These sconces are huge! I imported a few castle blocks to store them on as I was gathering the pieces and they took up almost an entire large wall! What surprised me once I finsihed the house was that you can plainly see where these sconces went; with most of the crafted houses the items you have to craft don't really make much scense. This recipe is also purchased from Gearwise, it will cost you 13,005 gold and you will need 4 Gargantuan, 4 Perfect Sapphire, 4 Crystal Vial, 8 Golden Pearl, 12 Aether, 80 Acorn, and 20 Fish Fin to make the four required sconces.
      Next time I'll cover the last two crafted items, the Star Chalice and the Crystal Street Lamp. See you around!

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