Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Costumes at Dezzy's Closet

     Happy Halloween! Halloween makes me think of fall, which makes me think of harvests, which leads me to farming! October is an incredible month for farming in the Spiral! Especially since there are new Halloween costumes in the Spiral this year! Has Nightshade been good to you? Yeah, me neither ... but I have good news! In a pinch, there are TONS of outfits in the Spiral - at least one in each world - that with a little imagination can work as Halloween costumes and are available either for gold or that can be crafted.

     Eloise Merryweather is your friend! If you don't recognize the name, she is the stitcher chick that commonly stalks Prospector Zeke - uh, I mean she often hangs out with him. She sells many costumes and outfits for gold - granted they have no properties but she is perfectly willing to stitch properties to them for you. In Wizard City she offers the Jester outfit, which our resident castle jokester loves to wear year round. In Krokotopia, you can find the Sphinx or Pharaoh outfits. Marleybone has the two pirate outfits and what I can't help but think of as the Phantom of the Opera costume. Mooshu offers ninja outfits; Avalon gives knights or costumes to dress up like royalty.

     These suggestions and pictures are just the tip of the iceburg! Aliens from Celestia, Witch Doctors from Zafaria, the list goes on and on! Look around, check the Bazaar- you can find similar clothes WITH properties. Visit your school specific recipe vendors. Use your imagination. Most of all, have fun and enjoy a safe and happy Halloween!

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